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Redman & Method Man @ House of Blues, Sunset Strip
April 13, 2009, 4:12 am
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I knew they would be in town a couple of days before and started cooking. On the menu for the night were Raekwon’s favorite turkey Jamaican patties and a new creation… Project Pat-tys. These were similar to the Raekwon patties but a vegetarian version. They were packed with sweet potato, collard greens, cabbage, carrots, curry and other yummy delights. I also baked some cookies for the boys cause I knew they would love a snack after the show. We arrived at 10pm and caught a little slack for being late. Once we were in it was all good though. Yassi & Abigail were my guests for the night and we headed up to the balcony for a birds eye view.

I think Meth & Red must have been taking cheerleading stunt classes because they put on one of the most energetic performances I’ve ever seen! Big ass Method Man dove into the crowd and floated around on top of arms for a few minutes. Suddenly, the excited crowd hoisted him up, holding his feet into a full standing position. Method Man towered about the crowd a good 12-14 feet and busted a whole song without wobbling or falling down. The crowd was so hype that I couldn’t even snap a picture.

Not to be outdone, Redman ran up the stairs to the balcony and climbed over the railing

After surveying the situation… HE JUMPED BACKWARDS into the crowd below and crowd surfed his was back to the stage! Look close, you can see him in mid-air

After the show we headed up to the foundation room to feed the boys. Method Man loved the cookies…

We went home, tired and excited… it was another night that restored our love for hip hop

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Awesome post…cool pic’s

Comment by Tim H.

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