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a field trip to Remo & Mandinga-an Afro Peruvian band
August 5, 2009, 8:21 pm
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I went to this event with no idea of how cool it was going to be. 1eventflyerI didn’t really start to get excited about it until we pulled into the REMO parking lot. The building just had a special glow and I knew all kinds of good things happened inside.

1DSC05764When we walked in I saw a giant warehouse with a dance class going on. There were men, women and children of all ages, shapes and sizes learning Afro Peruvian Dance steps with a percussionist hammering out the rhythm.


While the dance class went on I decided to explore the building, I saw all sorts of interesting drums and percussion instruments…

1DSC057681DSC057691DSC057711DSC057721DSC057771DSC057781DSC057801DSC057821DSC05784Soon the dance class was over and it was time for drum class. The conductor had everybody choose a drum and taught basic rhythms. It was amazing to me how he was able to orchestrate everyone.

1DSC05794Once everybody had the gist, it was time for an intermission while the band MANDINGA set up. During this time Dj Renz from Listen Recovery Crew played some tunes and the drummers played along

Finally it was the moment everyone had been waiting for, the Afro Peruvian Band MANDINGA was ready to perform and they brought dancers with them. All the things everyone had learned that evening were about to be showcased by professionals.

The band introduced itself and their solos were pretty nice

Now it was time for the dancers to shine and they didn’t disappoint!

For the second half of the show, the audience was invited to play along with the band!

It was definitely a cool night, it made me happy to be alive! While the band was packing up, the people from Remo were setting up for a children’s drum circle the following morning. Even though the chairs were empty, I could only imagine how inspiring it would be.


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Dope!! I feel like I went now, good0lookin on the blog JuneyBop

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