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Mos Def proposes the Battle of the Century!!!
September 27, 2009, 7:04 pm
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Ok so wayyy back in March 2009, Mos was seen in this you tube video showboating about what he’d do with his winning$ from a battle against Jay Z, Lil Wayne, Kanye & others

Check out Part 2 of this video here: Mos Def

After some hype about these candid videos, Mos visited Angie Martinez’s New York radio show in June 2009 to promote his new album The Ecstatic. Talk turned to the you tube challenge and Mos explained that it came up after reading an article calling JayZ “the greatest rapper alive”. Mos said, “Friend or foe, I love you all, but I’m saying if you saying that you’re better than Slick Rick, who is still very alive and well, you saying that you’re better than Rakim, you saying you’re better than Black Thought — and the people making that claim have never been in a position to have to defend that in an open forum.”

Angie asked if it was just about what you like. “It is subjective, but people start coming out and making claims that you can’t defend,” Mos said. “I just don’t believe that claim, where any of these rappers are saying that they are the best alive,” Mos Def said. “Really?!? Well, you can easily put that to the test.”

“I ain’t saying that I’m better than them, but they certainly ain’t better than me,” Mos replied. “I have no doubts about that at all. I work at this. This ain’t just coming off of some pumped-up ego swagger. I do this.”

“My dream team would be myself, Black Thought, MF Doom, Jay Electronica and Nas,” Mos Def said. “I was saying for Jay, or somebody like Jay, or Kanye, or whoever, put you and your four together, and we’ll go at it.” CAN YOU IMAGINE!!! This proposed battle would be like the NBA finals, the creme de la creme duking it out with words, puns & metaphores. I would pay $100 in this, the modern day Depression Era, to see that battle. The best part? He wants the battle to be in New Orleans at the Superdome! “There are no losers in this scenario,” Mos added. “It’s really just a sound clash and a skill trade exhibition, and it grows the culture.”

Ok so maybe he was just F-ing around but I really wanna see this all go down. If you’re reading this, spread the word… lets motivate this to happen, LET’S PUT THE SPARK (AND SKILL) BACK IN HIP HOP!!!!!!!!

Check out the entire MTv article here

Oh and if you’re thirsty the next time Rapper’s delight is in your hood, Make sure you pick up some New World Water…


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