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Buyepongo at Mas Exitos
November 18, 2009, 12:25 am
Filed under: Buyepongo, DJing, Events, Mas Exitos, Music

Last thursday we went to Mas Exitos to celebrate the birthday of Carlitos Diaz, one of the drummers from Buyepongo. The band (Buyepongo) decided to do a surprise performance for the Mas Exitos crowd to celebrate. Dj’s Lengua, Ganas, Enorbito, Chico Sonido & Hoseh started Mas Exitos in June of 08 at Verdugo Bar. The venue is dope and the music vibe even fresher. Mas Exitos is a bi-weekly event that traces the connections between the music made on both continents of the Americas by exploring the various migration patterns through sound. Think of it as a National Geographic documentary on sound that will take you from the Andes of Peru to the East Side of LA. From fuzzy cumbias, to funky jazz oddities, to disco azteca, rock n’ rolleras, paisadelic, psychedelic freak outs and janky electro beats…


Here are some flicks of the evening:

Happy Birthday Carlitos!

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