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2012 the Movie = absolutely ridiculous!
November 22, 2009, 1:54 am
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Another instance of “Hype Gone Wrong” occurred with this movie. I must admit, I was really excited to see this movie. I’ve been seeing the billboards for months and it looked like it was gonna be a good flick. Too bad I didn’t watch the trailer first, I would have known how bad it was. So anyways, here is a movie trailer based on the Mayan Calendar. After you watch this one, watch the trailer for “2012” the Hollywood movie and see how they took a small fraction of truth and twisted it in the most outrageous way.

The movie 2012 was lame. I was rolling my eyes at its riduculosness through out the entire movie. I sighed, I slapped my leg… I really just couldn’t stand it. To make it even worse, they threw in the corniest humor imaginable.

Anywho, enough ranting! Thanks to my friend Angelica for sharing the info about the Shift of the Ages documentary.

If my friend Matthew Ota is reading this, I would love to hear your views. Is there really a grand planetary alignment occurring in 2012? What effects do alignments have on the Earth? What do you think of the 2012 hype? Matt is an amateur astronomer & telescope operator. He has worked at Mt. Wilson Observatory and hosted countless astronomy outreach programs. He has also been kind enough in the past to bring his telescope and equipment out to our camping trips & to Park Jam.

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There will be no planetary alignment in 2012. There will be no apocalypse in 2012. Even the Mayan calendar was misinterpreted by the hucksters to make money by frightening people with their nonsensical books.
Here are two links refuting the 2012 hoax:
A Dartmouth University Geography Professor:

Here is an extensive debunking site:

and NASA’s take on it:

Enough? Just remember that extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. Use Occam’s Razor and maintain healthy skepticism when you hear outrageous claims about this. Many people are out to make $$$$ selling books, making DVDs and such about this and it is very dishonest. It is also frightening children and the unenlightened that do not understand critical thinking practices. I could say so what they are removing themselves from the gene pool ala the Darwin Aweards, but I am just joking. Remember how the Heaven’s Gate cult people offed themselves over Comet Hale Bopp. We have to stop this nonsense before it destroys too many people.

Comment by matthewota

I knew you would be the man to ask regarding the scientific facts on this subject. Thanks Matt!

Comment by mightyjunebugg

I agree, the movie was quite fantastical and pretty much Hollywoodization at its finest. At times I found myself grinning and rolling my eyes at the insanity of it all. Not only wooden, it was highly over-acted. The only thing that was “cool” about this flick was the CGI, it was interesting to see the producers interpretation of what at true cataclysm may look like(south California falling into the Pacific). Anywho, another $10 wasted…;)

Comment by chris jacobs

there is an earthquake coming June… duck down!

Comment by Listen Recovery Crew

That is true, there is an earthquake coming. We just do not know exactly when, unless we feel the P-wave precursors, which is by nature very short notice.

Comment by Matthew Ota

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