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New Years on Orange Grove Blvd.
January 19, 2010, 3:33 am
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For most night-before-parade goers, Colorado Blvd. is the natural choice to go. Orange Grove Blvd. is where all the float action is at though. The floats are staged in order of parade appearance here waiting for their moment to shine. All the horses, bands and fancy cars feed in between the floats from side streets just before the start line on New Years Day. Here are some shots of what its like…

these little white mopeds zip up and down the street making stuff happen

Tournament workers measure to the inch where the floats line up

The Tournament of Roses house is where the parade starts & awards are announced

People camp out on the sidewalks and greenway to get a good view

these people even brought a fire pit to stay warm!!!

On this New Years Eve, we got to experience a Blue Moon!

the owners of the beautiful homes and mansions put up with the crowds

this guy had a cool bike & I just had to take a picture...

Interesting characters are everywhere. This girl just needed a lil nap I guess

About an hour or so after midnight and the masses are still out looking at the floats

This guy was trying to steal a flower off the float. When pigs fly fella!

Barnyard sights

This dragon was pretty cool

By 4am the crowds had died down but there were still some folks up

On New Years Day, the moped riders put on their jacket and ties and make the parade happen

Tillman was out with the baby bulldog stretching his legs before snowboarding down a rose parade float slope for a few hours

The crowds get really big in the hour or two before the parade begins!

I knew 2010 would be a GOOD YEAR when I saw the Goodyear blimp overhead. What a beautiful day!!!

Capt. Sullenberger or "Sully the Hero" who safely landed a plane in the Hudson River was the Grand Marshall of the parade. He was being taken to his fancy car for the parade.

The Wells Fargo Coach was pulled by humungous horses

another flower covered horse drawn wagon

the Rose Queen and her court being safely strapped onto their float for their ride down Colorado Blvd.

Hey LOOK, it's Jared from Subway... and his big pants!!!

When Ronald McDonald rode by he winked at me and said, "Hey honey, I love the red!"

Horses are a big part of the parade

I'd hate to have this guys job!

a fancy car with some fancy folks

it was a beautiful California morning! This is the street the horses line up on.

Look at this interesting character walking down the parade route

Once the parade started, we went for our traditional New Years Day breakfast at Carrows. Here is a charming shot of the O'Neill broad Adam, June & Jennie

and of course my favorite folks... Jim & Jan!

Welp, thats about it, thanks for checking out my rose parade blog! Next year around Christmas and New Years I’ll be doing the same thing, let me know if you are interested…

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Hi June,
Did not get to see your float on New Years Day so I
was happy to find your blog and get ‘filled in.’
I thought about you many times that day though and wished I could be with all of you to celebrate your
accomplishment. I’m so proud of you.

Love, Aunt Betty

Comment by Lloyd Stoner

Aunt Betty, you are one of the main people I wrote this blog for. I knew you’d get a kick out of seeing a float in the making. Do you still have your gardens? What will you be growing in spring?

Comment by mightyjunebugg

Who won the competition and how do you create the idea for the floats? is it predetermined? or are you the mastermind behind the great ideas?

Comment by Parrelli

Raul Rodriguez designed most of the floats for Fiesta Parade Floats. Once he designs the concept, Fiesta figures out how to make it work in real life and builds it. I am just the supervisor of my float. I’m kind of like a project manager, making sure the float is finished in time and decorated in a proper manner. There are like 15 awards given out for different catagories. I think there were like 45 floats in the parade…

Comment by mightyjunebugg

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