The Mighty Junebugg – a June of all Trades

Saints of Hip Hop

Collect them all!

•Big L

•Big Pun

• J Dilla

• Dj Dusk

• Eazy E


• Heavy D

• Jam Master Jay

• Makaveli

• Nate Dogg

• Notorious B.I.G.

• Ol’ Dirty Bastard

• Pimp C

• Gil Scott-Heron

Available this Sunday March 11th at Beat Swapmeet come look for them =)

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Can you ship these?

Comment by ashley

Is there anyway I can order a set of these from you, pretty please?

Comment by agltbialik

Hi, my friend has the Nate dogg candle and I wanted to buy him another for his bday. Please let me know if you can ship it. He’s in long beach.

Comment by Keisha

Sorry for the late response, I haven’t checked the blog in a whole. You can purchase candles online at I am in Long Beach frequently and could also deliver myself, just email to arrange.

Comment by mightyjunebugg

yo i’d buy these in an instant. plz hit me if at all possible.

Comment by lar mizell jr

yo i need these especially the odb ones for the fam. i was his dj god. hit me up , And if your a hip hop head or producer you need these in your studio just for blessings and inspiration. I need these fam holla at me

Comment by kasey anasazi (dj2evil)

I’m in the UK. Can I order these/ have them shipped to me here? I could also have them sent to my fam in Miami or NY if that would be more convenient for you. Please do let me know.


Comment by Jeh

Peace, sorry didn’t see your comment til just now. I have never shipped them yet and need to see what the cost would be to ship overseas. email me and we can try to work it out

Comment by mightyjunebugg

Im in love. These are f’n awesome. How much for the set will you ship? I’m in Fontana California

Comment by Jorge

Hi I’m DJ concise little brother. Was wondering if you have anymore of these candles. They’re awesome!! If so how much. Thanks

Comment by Jason Palacio

Hi, Greetings from Amsterdam. I would love to order these from you. Is that possible?


Comment by Esperanzah

I live in LA & have always missed the opportunity to attend the beat swap meet. I’m interested in purchasing 4 candles, is it possible you can ship these to me? Email me please 🙂

Comment by Miranda

Thank you, These are the greatest thing I have ever seen, Big L usually always gets left out!

Comment by Lex

These are amazing!! And I can see a lot of other people are also showing interest in getting these shipped. I live in Canada, let me know if you decide to make this happen.

Comment by s

need these …email me please…

Comment by Greenz3D

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