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So I get a text message early in the morning asking if I could make a cake for DJ Houseshoes that night at Little Temple. I had the day off and decided SURE, I’d love to! Instantly thoughts of carving cake into the shape of some house shoes came to mind. I got to the point where I was imagining piping on frosting to look like courderoy when the homie Byze started telling me about Houseshoes obsession with Newport cigarettes. Thats brilliant, a Newport Cake!

I set out to the store to buy all the necessary supplies. I had never made a cake using fondant before and I didnt have time to fuck up! I had exactly enough time to make one cake, right; and deliver it to the Little Temple by Midnight. I didn’t even have time to curl my hair or get dressed up. I literally made the cake right up until we walked the door and then I had to drive like a madwoman to get it to LA in time. Here are some pics of what ensued.

An afternoon at Droop’s
May 26, 2010, 9:42 pm
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I went to visit my dear friend Droop and met his friend, a hip hop plumber. Well what I mean is that he is a plumber AND an MC. To top it all off, he is an amazing artist as you can see in the album artwork he did…

Its a Beautiful Life!
April 6, 2010, 11:05 pm
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I just love weekends at my parents house!

My sister made some stencil stepping stones for the garden.

Beat Swapmeet this Sunday & Rapper’s Delight
April 6, 2010, 8:18 pm
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The Los Angeles Beat Swap Meet: 2 Year Anniversary

Sunday after-noon April 11, 2010

Grandstar Jazz Club (Chinatown)
Home of Fly-Ball, Boombox, Firecracker, & Soul Sessions.
943 N Broadway – Los Angeles CA 90012

12noon-6pm / Free with Canned Good
Donations are hand delivered to the LA homeless community.

This is an All Ages event – Casual drinking (bar open) for the 21+

Over 30 Invited Vendors & Collectors Buying Selling & Trading Records from all over The World.


3 Areas of Music.. Records For Sale.. & Conversations Awaiting..

Downstairs: Hosted by Odds (

An all 45’s extravaganza.. Live DJ’s share rare selections from there 7 inch collections. Reputable vendors from both Buena Park & Pasadena record swaps setup here, amongst a few dozen other invited vendors, in the likes of a different atmosphere (for once). Bar available for the grown..

Upstairs: Hosted by L.Scatterbrain (Zulu Nation, Foundation Funkollective)

Some of Hip-Hop’s living legends reside upstairs, selling records & spinning them of course. Special surprise in-store performances + our 1st official DJ battle. In the past Ras G, J-Rocc, Frank Nitt, Percee P, & Illa J, just to name a few, have blessed our listening ears with live, last minute surprise, showcases.

Outside: Hosted by Huskey Radio, & Listen Clothing

Features a vendor village of boundary pushing designers, brands that they have created, and the people who love to look fresh. Live DJ’s spin only vinyl and the place is decorated with record vendors. Record-inspired art, every culture in the world in 1 city, & the fresh California Sun.. peaking in between the Chinatown buildings.. reminds you why you Love LA.

Real DJ’s spinning 12’s & 45’s.. some that are even for sale:

671, Abel, AC The PD (Hip Hop Philosophy Radio), Analog (Beathackerz Collective), Blessaid, Charlie Rock (Rock Steady Crew), Chikaramanga (Tres Records/Giant Panda), Clenzroc, C-los (, Counterstryke, Early Worm, Endo, Expo (Root Down), Frank, Gabe Real (More Fire/Foundation Funkollective), Jawa (Scratch Academy), Kidragon (Table Manners), Kidriz, Kiwamu Omae (Shibuya Club), Listen Recovery Crew (Listen Clothing), Los Undergods, Mixmaster Wolf (Breakestra/Dark Leaf), Pryvet Peepsho (Fly-ball), Shred One, Source (Dicknose Monkeys), Uncle Bucky, Valtron, Yotah (Shibuya Club), The Plushone (Stereolove)

The 1st ever…Beat Swap Meet DJ Battle

$200 Cash Prize – Hosted by DJ Jawa (Lost Unknown, Scratch Academy) UP-STAIRS.

Mr. Choc (Beat Junkies), Pryvet Peepsho, & P-Trix (IF2)


funny shit
December 7, 2009, 6:10 am
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The only book I’ve ever stolen in my life  was “Steal This Book” by Abbie Hoffman. It was at the WOW store by the Marina Pacifica in Long Beach. I used to go there all the time in college to look at all the great art books and magazines for inspiration. I came across this book and stole it just for shits-n-giggles. I never actually got around to reading it though.

So anyways, this summer I was on a road trip with my fabulous O’Neill cousins Kristi & Kelly. We drove from Oregon to Long Beach on Highway 1 which is along the coast the entire way. It was the 4th day of the trip and we were in the car driving allll day. We decided to stop at a little place called Café Aquatica to grab a bite to eat but when we got inside, it was hot and smelled like fish… not a good combination. As I turned to walk out the door, I noticed a book sitting on the waiting bench. I don’t know what possessed me, but I snatched it up and walked out the door. I think it belonged to someone who was waiting, I really don’t know why I stole it… I’m not a thief. I’m sorry to who it belonged to & will even return it gladly. When we got back to the car I finally opened the VELVET cover and found some funny shit inside… literally!


This book is a great conversation piece and has brought lots of laughs around my house. Get one for yourself or as a gift on Amazon… its FUNNY SHIT!!!

Delicious Vinyl Presents: FREAK CITY
November 20, 2009, 7:28 am
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On November 5th I was invited to cater a really cool event. Delicious Vinyl celebrated the release of  their new Delicious Vinyl DJ app for iPhone.

The event was at Freak City, an ART MUSIC STYLE gallery with hybrid retail space. Its located on Sunset Strip right below the Delicious Vinyl headquarters.


So anyways, back to the story at hand, Perfection is perfected, so I’ma let ’em understand from a young BUGG’s perspective that I was there to cater the Delicious Vinyl DJ premier event. I wanted to make finger foods, things people could eat and enjoy while dressed to the 9’s without losing any sexy. Here are some flicks from the night.

Rick Ross & Mike “Floss” Ross founders of Delicious Vinyl

*Photos by RENZ

Ms Casey Carter’s blog review of the event

Things that make me smile
October 31, 2009, 4:51 am
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