The Mighty Junebugg – a June of all Trades

Ciyah the Cat
December 8, 2009, 8:13 pm
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If you’ve been to my house, I’m sure you’ve noticed the coolest, most mellow cat around. She is small, I call her my midget cat and she is sweet as pie. Today I discovered a large wound & took her to the vet immediately. They took one look & said, “Oh, thats not good!” Now she is in surgery, hopefully they can clean her up and get her on the mend. Anywho, just wanted to ask my readers to pray or meditate for her recovery and for the recovery of my bank account


We are home from the vet & emergency, bank-draining surgery. The cat is alive & well, she’s alive but she hates her life right now. The collar she is wearing freaks her out so she’s been moonwalking backwards around the apartment. I don’t think she can eat or drink too well but she doesn’t want me to touch her or ever look at her for that matter. Lets hope the stitches come out soon so she can have her life back.

We Are NOT Amused!Long live the Queen… Mos Def salutes you!