The Mighty Junebugg – a June of all Trades

September 11, 2011, 2:29 pm
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Come out and get your grub on today, I’ll be serving up that home cooked goodness. Treat your stomach to something lovely and grab some records and gear while you’re at it!

Sunday, September 11th, 2011

Beat Swap Meet returns to Los Angeles.. Spend your Sunday after-noon under the California Sun.

Blues – Funk – Hip Hop – Jazz – Punk – Reggae – Rock – Soul – World
12″ & 45 Records

Over 40 Invited Record Collectors & Dealers, Buy Sell & Trade Records Recovered from Alll over the WORLD.

Dozens of DJ’s share rare selections from their record collections..
ABEL – AC THE PD (Hip Hop Philosophy Radio) – ANALOG (Beathackerz) – CHARLIE ROCK (Rock Steady Crew, Dojo Sounds) – CHIKARAMANGA (Tres Records) – CLENZ ROC (IF2) – CURSE (Beat Junkies) – DANNY HOLLOWAY (Dub Lab) – DWENZ (Foundation Funkollective) – EARLY WORM – GABE REAL (More Fire) – JIM – KIDRAGON – KIRK (Sweater Funk, SF) – KIWAMU OMAE – LISTEN RECOVERY (Listen Clothing) – LORD RON – LU-MAN – RAICHOUS – RESIDENT (BBR Radio 90.7) – VAL (Hit+Run) – 671 (Station 23 Radio)

5 Areas of Live Music – No Laptop’s, No CD’s, Records Only.

12noon-6pm Free w/ Canned Good

INSIDE UPSTAIRS: Our Official Producer Invite, Sponsored by Monster Energy Drink

Hosted by L.Scatter of The Universal Zulu Nation

Interviews by Break Beats & Rhymes Radio (90.7 KPFK)

Live Production Interview & Exposition with:
(People Under The Stairs, Piecelock70)

Live Beat & Scratch Set with:
(Decadent Records)

Live Production Sets by:
– ATD (ReServed Records) Chicago, IL
– ASTERIX (Fire House Sound Lab)

Turntablist Performance by Bay Area crew:
DJ’s Nocturnal, Rated-R, Mr. Vibe, Kwes the Bess, & Wanted (DMC West Coast 2011 Champion).

Beat Swap Meet is proud to join forces with Monster Energy Drink to bring you another historical BSM Producer Invite. Besides the Producer Invite, Upstairs also houses some of BSM’s most reputable Record Dealers including Rock Steady Crew DJ, Charlie Rock.. BP&Odds Producer, Button Pusha.. & LA Legend, DJ Marvski.


Over a dozen Record Dealers setup downstairs, it’s also your closest beer stop at Beat Swap Meet. Our bar is available for the 21+ but please keep in mind, BSM is a friendly family atmosphere and only Casual Drinking is welcomed.

OUTSIDE: Street-wear Sale & Canned Food Drive

Beat Swap Meet is a Free event to the public with the Donation of at least 1 Canned Good per person. Canned goods are donated to the local homeless communities of Downtown Los Angeles.

Every BSM we host our outdoor Street-wear Sale that features some of LA’s most talented Designers & the Brands that they’ve created. Support the artists by purchasing the gear directly from them.


Come to Beat Swap Meet on an empty stomach.. DJ & Chef, Mighty Junebugg & her Rapper’s Delight crew will be on hand with some food for your soul. Snoop Doggs, Makaveli & Cheese, 2Mex Tamales, you name it, she’s got it! 

BSM Resident Barber, DJ & Producer, Snagneto will be onsite lining heads up all day.

FRESH AIR: It’s one thing to collect records, but can you dance to ’em ??

Brought to you by the founder of Beat Swap Meet, utmos. Fresh Air is BSM’s Premiere B-boy Competition. DJ’ed by BSM DJ’s playing alll vinyl.. Breaks, Funk, Soul, Hip Hop & everything in between. Witness some of West Coast’s funkiest dancers, get down to your favorite Records. Sponsored by The Deuce –

WAX POETICS SOUND STAGE: Adrian Younge Presents Venice Dawn

New York based Magazine & Record Label, Wax Poetics, is releasing the new LP “Something about April” Composed by Adrian Younge & Venice Dawn. They will be performing the new LP – Pre-Released & Exclusive as hell, for the fine people of Beat Swap Meet LA.

HIP HOP PHILOSOPHY: Dedicated Strictly to Hip Hop Music

Hosted by AC The PD & The Real DJ’s Crew, most known for breaking very rare Hip Hop 12 inches found along their journeys. Hip Hop Philosophy is both a 24 Hour Radio Show & Clothing Brand.

HOUSE CONVERSATION: Dedicated Strictly to House Music

DJ’s take you through their House vinyl collection.. Soulful, Jazzy, Latin, all around. Vibe out, & feel free to get free. Hosted by The Movement Non-Profit Organization.

Beat Swap Meet #15
Grandstar Jazz Club – 943 N Broadway LA 90012
Sunday September 11, 2011
Vendor Info:

Rapper’s Delight at Beat Swap Meet {Los Angeles}
June 11, 2011, 9:20 am
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SUNDAY AFTER-NOON – 12-5pm June 12, 2011

Over 40 Invited Collectors & Dealers Buy Sell & Trade Records recovered from all over the world: Blues, Disco, Funk, Hip Hop, Jazz, Punk, Reggae, Rock, Soul & World 12″ & 45 RECORDS.


What better way to spend your Sunday afternoon than digging through some records while sipping on a brew?

Beat Swap Meet Friends & Family,
share rare selections from their record collections..
Abel, AC The PD, Analog, Charlie Rock, Chikaramanga, Clenz Roc, C-Los, Counterstryke, Danny Holloway, Early Worm, Ervin Arana, Frane, Frank(e), Gabe Real, Glenn Red, Jawa, Jim, Kidragon, Kid Riz, Kiwamu Omae, Listen Recovery Crew, Question, Frane, Laroj, Renmin, Two Step Lou, Raichous, Rick Wren, 671, & Val.

The Producer Invite:
– DELMOS WADE of Warchurch (

Simple Rules: All Hardware, No Laptop’s, No CD’s, Full Setup on Stage.

Beat Swap Meet #14 also features..
– Turntable Repair by our onsite Dr. – DJ Abel aka The Table Guy.. that’s right, bring your broken turntable, watch it go home fixed.
– Scratch Session open to any one, hosted by DJ Jawa
– Resident Chef & Zulu, DJ Mighty Junebugg & her Rapper’s Delight crew!
– Resident Barber, MC & Producer, Snagneto. Get your wig fixed at BSM.
– BSM Founder, utmos of Battle Monkeys, presents “Based On A Crew Story” B-boy & B-girl crew battle.
– 5 Music Areas, ALL VINYL.
– Over 80 Vendors specializing in: Records, Street-Wear, Hand-made Apparel & Accessories, & Music-related Art.

Beat Swap Meet takes place inside, outside, and all around the Grandstar Jazz Club in the historic Chinatown district of Downtown Los Angeles. Bar is available for those over the age of 21, however we do encourage Casual Drinking since BSM is an All Ages event. Entrance fee is Free w/ the Donation of 1 Canned Good. Canned proceeds are donated to the homeless communities of Los Angeles County. Please be sure to bring a canned good for donation.

Free w/ Canned Good

For vending info:
(714) 404-7568

Get involved:


Saints of Hip Hop

Collect them all!

•Big L

•Big Pun

• J Dilla

• Dj Dusk

• Eazy E


• Heavy D

• Jam Master Jay

• Makaveli

• Nate Dogg

• Notorious B.I.G.

• Ol’ Dirty Bastard

• Pimp C

• Gil Scott-Heron

Available this Sunday March 11th at Beat Swapmeet come look for them =)

RIP Nate Dogg, A major musical influence in my life
April 11, 2011, 10:53 pm
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“It was a clear black night, a clear white moon…”

“So I hooks a left on the 21 and Lewis/ Some brothas shootin’ dice so I said ‘Let’s do this!'”

I freakin love this song! I always have. Its my anthem. When it first came out, I played it over and over and over again so I could learn every word. Nate Dogg has a way of getting into your brain like that. He sings shit with such conviction, gangsterism and enthusiasm that you cant help but sing along. Nate Dogg has the most city pride for Long Beach, he made Long Beach famous & really got us on the map. He and Snoop Dogg created that G-Funk sound that you just cant deny. Nate WAS Long Beach… born & raised. He was on so many classic tracks that as my friend Ani puts it, “were the soundtrack to my youth”.

I knew he had had a couple strokes & been in a coma like state for a few years but when I heard of his death it still came as a shock. I was on the Metro Blueline riding to Long Beach from LA when I first read it on twitter. I called a friend of his to confirm the news and sadly it was true. I didn’t expect my own reaction. My eyes got watery, I had a lump in my throat and a really strong desire to stand up on the train and let all the people headed to Long Beach know that we had just lost a legend. I always keep a bullhorn in my car and as soon as the train dropped me at my car, I drove thru the streets. I just felt like the city needed to know, so I rolled down my sun roof and stuck the bullhorn out the top driving past places with folks outside. “REST IN PEACE TO THE LEGEND NATE DOGG. REGULATORS MOUNT UP!”

I don’t know what came over me. It was midnight and I was alone in the car, I just had to let folks know. One of the places I drove past to make the announcement was the corner of 21 & Lewis on the Eastside. Nate sang about 21 & Lewis and made it a hood landmark of Long Beach. I knew that night that I needed to make a tribute for Nate. This is what I came up with. It is 11″ x 17″ and laminated. Notice the clear black night and the clear white moon in the background, eh, eh? Notice the dice?

It was a beautiful day when I hung the laminate. As I was putting it up somebody drove by & yelled out “NATE DOGG!”  I took a couple of pics and left… I had a cake to bake that day.

Thank You NATE DOGG for your contributions to musical history. You will not be forgotten.


So I get a text message early in the morning asking if I could make a cake for DJ Houseshoes that night at Little Temple. I had the day off and decided SURE, I’d love to! Instantly thoughts of carving cake into the shape of some house shoes came to mind. I got to the point where I was imagining piping on frosting to look like courderoy when the homie Byze started telling me about Houseshoes obsession with Newport cigarettes. Thats brilliant, a Newport Cake!

I set out to the store to buy all the necessary supplies. I had never made a cake using fondant before and I didnt have time to fuck up! I had exactly enough time to make one cake, right; and deliver it to the Little Temple by Midnight. I didn’t even have time to curl my hair or get dressed up. I literally made the cake right up until we walked the door and then I had to drive like a madwoman to get it to LA in time. Here are some pics of what ensued.

Afrika Bambaataa Live In Long Beach!!!

Thats right folks AFRIKA BAMBAATAA The Amen-Ra of Universal Hip Hop Culture & The Father of the Electro-Funk Sounds will be performing LIVE IN LONG BEACH on Saturday, November 20th at the Rhythm Lounge. Go to to get discounted pre-sale tickets. Don’t miss this legendary night!

*Limited pre-sale tickets will also be available this Saturday at the Rapper’s Delight and Calafia Zulu booths at the One Nation Hip Hop Summit

One Nation Hip Hop Summit this Saturday
November 2, 2010, 7:15 pm
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On the Rapper’s Delight menu for One Nation Hip Hop Summit this Saturday: The Snoop Dogg, Fu-Schnicken Chicken, 2 Mex Tamale, X-Clan Chowder, Fat Sloppy Joes, Kool Herc Jerk Tilapia, Makaveli & Cheese (spicy or regular), Cee-Lo Greens, Hello My Name Is Dr. Greenbeans, Goodie Cob, Aceyalone Cornbread, Supernat Salad, Ol’ Dirty Custard, Foxy Brownie, Delicious Velvet, Mr Choc-cakes and some Ice T! Phew… Come thru & get your grub on, your tastebuds will thank you!!!

Saturday, November 6th 2010 at Barnum Hall Theatre 601 Pico Blvd., Santa Monica, CA 90405. Its from 9am to 10 pm but I’ll be serving grub from noon til dusk (RIP DJ Dusk).

Pete Rock & CL Smooth



Percee P

George Clinton & more!!!