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How to Please Your Man
February 23, 2010, 6:53 am
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Its the simple things in life like a home made yam sandwich with an ice cold glass of chicha

and for dessert, some banana pudding with vanilla wafers.

Good Night.

Vote to Save the Amazon!
January 22, 2010, 3:04 am
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Despite opposition from the local populations and harsh criticism from Brazilian, Bolivian and Peruvian civil societies and the relevant environmental authorities, the company GDF Suez, partially owned by the French government, is heavily involved in the construction of the Jirau hydroelectric dam on the Madeira River. The mammoth Brazilian project will cause devastating problems: several thousand indigenous residents are expected be displaced, and large areas of the forest will be cleared. The river and the developed area will be poisoned with mercury. An increase of species loss of fish and of malaria cases are almost guaranteed. On top of all this, GDF Suez also violates Brazilian and international labor laws. Thanks to ruthless political lobbying, the energy giant has infringed on the current labor law and provided no minimal guarantees on social and environmental issues. Due to all this, GDF Suez has fueled political tensions are between the local peoples and the central government on the one hand, and between affected countries as well.

Click here and vote GDF Suez for the Public Eye Award

What’s Going on with the Nazca Lines?
January 19, 2010, 11:19 pm
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For the past 3 weeks I’ve been getting TONS of hits on my blog daily for people who googled “NAZCA LINES” due to my Christmas Wish List post. The Nazca Lines have graced the arrid desert of Peru for 1000’s of years, why all of a sudden the new interest? I, myself, googled the Nazca Lines and could find no recent news flash about the ancient geogylphs. The most recent news I could find was that there was rain damage to the lines in January 09 but that doesn’t explain the recent interest in the last 3 weeks. If you are reading this because you did a search for “Nazca Lines” please explain why? I’m curious…

I did notice yesterday that they are filming something about Peru in Long Beach… could this be why?

Listen Recovery has done some extensive blogging about the Nazca Lines and Peru. If you want to learn more about their history, check it out!

(click above to visit)

My Christmas Wish List
December 5, 2009, 4:56 am
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Ok so I know I’m going a little bit overboard on this wishlist but I just compiled it as if money was no object to all my friends & family. =)

#1 – Tom Tom GPS with Snoop Dogg voice!!!

Holy Shit, this thing is SO DOPE! Please dear Lord let Snoop Dogg guide my way!

#2 – A Freakin’ BLIMP ride!

So I’m driving around town the other day and I see a huge blimp floating around. It wasn’t the Goodyear Blimp, but it had some writing on it. I couldn’t see what it said so I zoomed in, took a picture and hoped I would be able to zoom in again on my computer to see what it said. I was SO FREAKIN EXCITED when I saw what it said…

I have always wanted to ride in a blimp!!! I even asked my dad about it and he said its almost impossible to get a ride on a blimp. Please Dear Santa, let me get a ride on this blimp! Check out their website Airship Ventures. You can even fly around NAPA WINERIES on this frickin thing! (Disclaimer: I know I used the word FRICKIN and !!! a lot in this one but I was just really excited)

#3 – KitchenAid Mixer

I bought an $80 Sunbeam mixer and blew it up making masa. If you don’t know by now… I cook, like a lot and I need a hardcore mixer. Look how sexy this silver KitchenAid is! I’ve gone to Costco several times just to marvel at its beauty.

#4 Alien Skin Eye Candy

This is some nerd shit but I really want it! Its an Adobe Photoshop plug in that helps to make amazing effects. I got the demo version but it ran out and I just wanna be legit so I can go all out!

#5 – A New Pair of Crocs

I know, I know, they are ugly… maybe even borderline hideous but they are so comfortable. I love to wear them while cooking or around the campsite. The pair I have now have seen some places, but are finally breaking down after a few years of good service to me.

So…Yes, All of those please, size 8 (except for the boots cause they are men’s so size 6). I love them!

#6 – Rane TTM-57SL

I really do need a new mixer, so some one Santa… hook it up!

#7 – A Trip to Peru!

Listen Recovery has extensive posts on their blog about Peru. If you don’t know much about the place, check it out and see how beautiful the country is!

#8 A Verizon Wireless Mobile Modem

I would love to be able to blog and look up info while camping or on the go. Verizon has the best coverage in the US so hopefully I’d be able to get a signal most anywhere.

#9 Rosetta Stone – Spanish (Latin America)

Ok so if I’m gonna go to Peru, I’ll need to speak Spanish…

#10 – MacBook Pro 13-inch

Fully loaded, biggest everything please!

#11 Cinemark Movie Tickets

I’m socially retarded when it comes to movies. People are constantly asking me, “Have you seen that movie” and I’m constantly saying, “No”. I need to catch up on my movie watching folks, so help a sister out and hook up some movie tickets. Cinemark is right down the street.

So there you have it folks, my top 11 Christmas wish items. If I don’t get them though… its cool, I got my family and they are more important to me than than anything else.

Look how cute my mom & dad are! They made their own website just cause!

Eva Ayllon in concert
December 1, 2009, 9:33 am
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On October 15th I had the pleasure of seeing Eva Ayllon in concert. She added a harmonica player to this tour, I don’t know his name but he’s from Argentina and he was BAD ASS on the harmonica!!! Eva, as usual, was amazing and her band rocked the house. Here are some sights and sounds from the evening.

Check out Eva’s website and buy her album, she is amazing!

Eva Ayllon
October 15, 2009, 6:27 pm
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I’m going to see Eva Ayllon tonight in LA. Eva is a composer & singer and one of Peru’s premier Afro-Peruvian musicians.

Eva AyllonIn addition to being incredibly talented, Eva is also one hot mama… a definite “cougar” in American lingo. Check out the Listen Recovery blog for more on Eva and Peruvian culture.

Eva Ayllon4

Chicha Morada: a favorite Peruvian Drink
September 25, 2009, 5:32 pm
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In Lima and other large coastal cities, chicha morada is prepared from purple corn (maiz morado). It is usually sweet and unfermented, and is consumed cold like a soft drink. It is even industrially prepared and sold in bottles, cans and even in sachets as an artificially-flavored powder drink.

The word “Chicha” also means an informal, popular, cheap and transient arrangement, creating the “Cultura Chicha” (“Chicha Culture”), a mix of concepts made by the immigration for people outside of Lima to Lima. For example, “Diario Chicha” (“Chicha Newspaper”) refers to Peruvian yellow press and “Musica Chicha” (“Chicha Music”) refers to Peruvian Cumbia.

I got a beautiful, big glass vase for my birthday and we decided to fill it with some ice cold chicha on a hot day. I even found an authentic Peruvian to make it, here’s how it all went down:

Chicha come in these packets, just add water & citrus. The logo looks kinda like a young Aunt Jemima huh?

Chicha comes in these packets, just add water & citrus. The logo looks kinda like a young Aunt Jemima huh?

add water, ice and stir

the authentic Peruvian adds the chicha morada powder, water & ice then stirs it all together

usually you add lime but we didn't have any so we used oranges

usually you add lime but we didn't have any so we used oranges

a closeup of that Peruvian goodness

a closeup of that Peruvian goodness

the final product.... deeelicious!

the final product.... deeelicious!

So apparently in Peru, no one makes this much in their home. Only restaurants have a jug of chicha this big. We drink it all though in about 4 days or so.