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A Walk on the Beach
June 4, 2010, 1:58 am
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Spring Has Sprung! My girlfriends and I took a wonderful walk on the beach the other day…

A Cake for King Cokni
March 11, 2010, 8:02 am
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Sade is Back!!!
December 7, 2009, 7:35 pm
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I remember being a little girl and my mom went to the Chino Library to rent Sade cassettes. We played them over and over before we had to return them. It was at that time that I fell in love with Sade’s music. Its been nearly 10 years since she released her last album Lover’s Rock. I bought a 12″ single of By Your Side with a Neptunes remix at VIP records back in the day. That’s the last time I got some new Sade in my life. I was starting to get worried that she had retired from the music biz. Today I am excited to learn that Sade will be releasing her 6th album SOILDER OF LOVE in February 2010! I can’t wait, Sade’s voice has a magical tone that cures all ills.

Check out her website to pre-order your copy and find out news about Sade. I would like to add this post to my Wishlist… I’ve never been to a Sade concert and its one of those things I want to do before I die. So when she goes on tour, I’m just putting it out there… I’d love to go!!!

New single here… you will bugg out! So glad she is back

This is how it all goes down in LONG BEACH

Long Beach constantly amazes me… God I love this city and the amazing people that live in it! Last night a friend invited me out to the Shore Ultra Lounge and I agreed but didn’t really feel like it. On a whim, I got ready and went. It wasn’t until Leslie picked me up that I found out the line up! Rickshaw was playing and all the fam was there. Judd Nester, Phil Marshall, Philieano, Mike Long, the list goes on and on. Here is the evening in a nutshell and Philieano was the Cherry On Top of this post with Run Come. Long Beach Rocks!

and Barikuda was there to film it all! It was good seeing all the Long Beach fam out enjoying music in the rough economy. Here are some videos of the night. I don’t know the first two bands but the last band is Rickshaw: Phil Marshall, Mike Long, Ed, John T. Jud Nester & Tim Wu. (Did I miss anyone?) On vocals were: Jud Nester, Philieano, Danger & Tim Wu a little.

In case you missed it, here is Run Come with the heckler knock out from Barikuda’s camera

Thanks Philieano for the entertainment and thank you Leslie for making me go out!