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Warchurch – Another reason Long Beach rocks!
April 13, 2009, 4:13 pm
Filed under: DJing, Long Beach, Music, Warchurch

So every 1st & 3rd Monday in Long Beach, something special goes down at the Pike restaurant on 4th & Hermosa. A group of musicians get together and make music in a most interesting way. With Judd Nester (keys, guitar & vocals), Phil Marshall Goodman (drum machine), Mike Long (bass) and djs: Opie Ortiz, Truly Odd & Greyboy, an amazing jam session goes down. Its hard to explain but the dj’s drum the beat, a skill that takes amazing timing & precision, one on kick and the other on snare and the other on scratches, the rest of the band jumps in. It refreshing to see such creativity going on in the music world. The group is called Warchurch and its badass… see for yourself!