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Groundhog Day – The Power of Change
February 3, 2010, 6:29 am
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Ever feel like this? Ever feel like you do the same shit day in and day out? It starts to get annoying doesn’t it? Anytime you’re in a rut, remember Groundhog Day & remember that YOU have the power to make each day different. You can choose to wake up & CHANGE your routine, your actions, your behavior and your life to get the maximum potential out of it.

Jobs that suck
January 19, 2010, 9:05 pm
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Its cats & dogs outside right now, the news just announced a tornado warning in Long Beach and there are poor souls like this guy standing on the corner wearing velore statue of liberty costumes trying to get people to do their taxes. I can’t imagine a more miserable job right now! This guy got all excited when I took his picture. I passed several others on the way home, but they were not as excited.

funny shit
December 7, 2009, 6:10 am
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The only book I’ve ever stolen in my life  was “Steal This Book” by Abbie Hoffman. It was at the WOW store by the Marina Pacifica in Long Beach. I used to go there all the time in college to look at all the great art books and magazines for inspiration. I came across this book and stole it just for shits-n-giggles. I never actually got around to reading it though.

So anyways, this summer I was on a road trip with my fabulous O’Neill cousins Kristi & Kelly. We drove from Oregon to Long Beach on Highway 1 which is along the coast the entire way. It was the 4th day of the trip and we were in the car driving allll day. We decided to stop at a little place called Café Aquatica to grab a bite to eat but when we got inside, it was hot and smelled like fish… not a good combination. As I turned to walk out the door, I noticed a book sitting on the waiting bench. I don’t know what possessed me, but I snatched it up and walked out the door. I think it belonged to someone who was waiting, I really don’t know why I stole it… I’m not a thief. I’m sorry to who it belonged to & will even return it gladly. When we got back to the car I finally opened the VELVET cover and found some funny shit inside… literally!


This book is a great conversation piece and has brought lots of laughs around my house. Get one for yourself or as a gift on Amazon… its FUNNY SHIT!!!

December 1, 2009, 8:36 pm
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My brother Adam has made a commercial for a Doritos Superbowl contest, there’s $5 million up for grabs!!! Check it out and spread the word… voting starts in January. I want him to win so he can send me on vacation somewhere PLUS his commercial is one of the funniest I’ve seen.


Random Pic of the Day
July 21, 2009, 7:38 pm
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So we were driving down Broadway after a pedicure & trip to the farmer’s market when we drove past this fascinating fellow chillin in broad day light at the bus stop!4164Yes this guy was really enjoying an afternoon drink of Tecate & Cough Syrup in a fancy champagne glass at the bus stop… and he was happy as hell about it! Lets take a closer look, shall we?

4164 1I’ve never seen such dirty hands in my life… for this guy it was pure bliss. Here are a couple more (less extraordinary) shots from our day


Random Pic of the Day
July 1, 2009, 4:12 am
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Sometimes you run across people in life that are just so interesting, you HAVE TO take a picture.

Last October I hiked the Narrows in Zion National Park. The canyon is so narrow that you have to hike IN the Virgin River. We turned a river bend and ran into this guy. He stopped and asked us, “Do you like my friend? His name is Karl” in a heavy Austrian accent with a smile. He was such a character it took a moment to resister and then I noticed the praying mantis on his shoulder

I asked if I could take a picture of the bug, but thats not really why I took the picture. hee hee


Bugg Fights… a new fascination!
April 1, 2009, 5:40 am
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The Japanese continue to amaze me… they come up with some crazy shit and this one is just brilliant! They take two bugs, throw em in a cage together and let them fight to the death. There are quite a few different insect battles on youtube, just search, watch and see…